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Owning a Separate Business – Update and Guidance

 1. Introduction It is not unusual for some solicitors to own separate businesses that provide linked professional services to their clients. The regulator has recently updated their guidance explaining the obligations for all SRA regulated firms, their managers, owners and [...]
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The Solicitors Indemnity Fund Extended – Again

In an announcement today – 12th April 2022 - it has been confirmed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority that the fund protecting retired solicitors from historical claims will continue until at least September 2023 to allow for further consideration of [...]
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Partners Insights – April 2022

Financial Sanctions & Russia - Update We have recently had enquiries from a number of firms in respect of the Government’s sanctions on Russian nationals and organisations in light of the conflict in Ukraine. The SRA have recently provided some [...]
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Cybersecurity actions

Cybersecurity actions for 2022

Millions of cyberattacks will take place across the UK in 2022 and many thousands of businesses will be seriously damaged. They will include law firms. The firms which avoid damage will be those that have taken proactive steps to protect [...]
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