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AML, Quality Assurance, Continuing Competence  – Key Focus from SRA

David Green

The SRA published the finalised 2021 – 2022 business plan and has been releasing various announcements that highlight its focus for the next coming 12 months. “It will be a busy year, as we also drive forward key priorities around quality assurance, standards of advocacy, continuing competence, anti-money laundering, our work in Wales and better information for consumers.” Solicitors Regulation Authority

We provided guidance on some of these focus areas in our recent blogs. In case you missed them, you can find links to some of them below:

Proposal from the SRA to increase fining powers to £25,000

The SRA has published a consultation paper in which it proposes increasing its fining threshold to £25,000. The regulator believes that doing so, will allow it to deal with a broader range of disciplinary matters without having to refer them to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT). – Read more here

A More Risk-Based and Proportionate Approach to AML

The Law Society has reinforced the need to move away from ‘box ticking’ risk assessments and to truly understand the clients and matters a firm is dealing with through a full risk assessment. – Read more here

Partners Newsletter features

In our Partners Newsletter this month, we highlight the range of services offered by our partners, who we have carefully chosen for their expertise in the legal sector.

Partnership announcement from Ezescan

EzeScan announces its new partnership with NetDocuments, a leading cloud content management platform where legal professionals do work. – read more in this month’s newsletter below.



Digitalising client due diligence checks

As technology begins to advance, Mirror encourages regulated businesses to embrace natively digital documentation, rather than the traditionally relied upon paper documents and signed names processes.

..a software that allows firms to securely and quickly complete client due diligence checks, using biometric ID checks, digital proof of address and AML screening, highlights why, instead of compliance being a challenge, a fraud risk and a time-consuming process, it offers an opportunity to improve and digitalise.”

– Nick Williamson, CEO of Mirror.

Read the full article here – Mirror helps businesses improve their client due diligence checks

Your Compliance Sanctuary

Mirror revolutionises compliance in a simple all-in-one system for your KYC and AML requirements. Utilising the latest technology in biometric identity verification, document validation and AML checks, Mirror provides a quick and painless solution to your client due diligence checks, including a fully automated audit trail, which exceeds current UK regulatory requirements.

As Mirror joins our exclusive Partners list, our TSP members will have the unique opportunity to speak to them about how they could improve your firm’s due diligence and processes, saving time, money and improving client care.

To speak to Mirror about how they can work with your firm to streamline and digitalise your CDD processes, you can email or book a demo here (please note demos are available from the 13th of September).

For more information about Mirror and exclusive offers for TSP members, you can call us on 020 3911 9710 or you can email us at




IT Support, Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services

LP Networks is a trusted provider of IT Support, Cyber Security and Managed IT Services.

We are dedicated to supporting your IT and Cyber Security. We can take care of everything you need to ensure the safe, secure and reliable operation of your business’ technology infrastructure.

As accredited partners of the leading technology providers and experts in our field, we provide fast and customer focussed solutions and support without any costly surprises.

How much will a cyber-attack cost your law firm?

It’s time for your law firm to take cyber security seriously

In a new and concerning trend, law firms are becomingly an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals. So much so that the Solicitors Regulation Authority noted in November 2020 that during the first half of that year, £2.5million had been stolen from law firms by cybercriminals.

Why are cybercriminals attacking law firms?

To put it at its most basic level, law firms hold information that criminals want. Aside from the critically sensitive data stored on your systems, there are also client monies held in account and banking information, leading to further potential thefts.

There are two aspects to consider when you think about the cost of a cyberattack on any firm. The first is the cost of the immediate attack; this will include:

  • The actual loss of money or sensitive information
  • Delays in servicing client needs
  • Potential prevention of transactions.

But alongside this, you also need to consider the secondary and more long-term costs of a cyberattack. These include:

  • ICO fine of up to 4% of turnover
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Damaged client relationships
  • Loss of reputation
  • Staff stress and increased likeliness of sickness
  • Potential loss of jobs.

Read the full article here.

“Dedicated to supporting your IT, we see ourselves as trusted partners in our clients’ businesses. Our dedication to customer service is what makes us stand out from the rest.”

For more information about LP Networks and exclusive offers for TSP members, you can call us on 020 3911 9710 or you can email us at




Law Firm Marketing

Law firms are a specialist and unique type of business that requires specific expertise to help deliver effective and compliant marketing campaigns. The Strategic Partner and FireTap work in unison to deliver law firms with industry-leading expertise with an insight into law firm marketing that is unrivalled.

Fusing the legal knowledge of TSP with the world-class marketing expertise of FireTap provides a unique combination that firms benefit from and built successful and effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

Not only will your firm benefit from full-service marketing agency support, but also a robust legal strategy that drives your business forward.

How regularly does your law firm update its website content with news and articles?

Google no longer allows websites to target a large range of keywords off of a single post or page. Instead, you need to be writing informative and quality content regarding these keywords so that you can target them efficiently. Read more about the power of blogging in their latest article:

How can a blog help my website get higher search engine rankings?

“With an approach that is flexible, transparent and engaging, we can work as your outsourced solution or as a marketing partner alongside your existing in-house marketing team.”

For more information about Marketing Services for Law Firms or FireTap Marketing, call 0203 911 9710 or email us at



Rubix Software provides a complete and integrated service for its clients. From IT support and Web Design and Build, to licensed Software and Case Management. Rubix Software has the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the very best from your systems.

With a combined experience of over 60 years in the Legal sector, our team understand how technology can assist with increasing productivity whilst improving customer service and reducing risk.

Whether it is analysing data to help you understand more about your business, bringing together isolated data into a common area for analysis, cleansing data, creating data warehousing, or complying with GDPR to ensure data is deleted, we can help. Please remember we are not a bunch of hard-nosed salespeople but friendly and extremely knowledgeable IT Geeks who have worked in this sector for over 20 years, so don’t expect the hard sell but plain and honest advice.

Special offer for members of The Strategic Partners from Rubix Software.

2 hours of free data analysis, ensuring you get the most from your data, and if additional work is required, then a 20% discount on our current rates.

What you get

Up to 1 hour of discussion with you about your data, where it is stored and what you ideally want to do with the data, followed by 1 hour of data analysis to determine how the data is best optimised to be reported upon or to comply with GDPR.

A report provided to you showing you how you can get the best from your data and, if applicable, a no-obligation quote if further work is needed.

Data, Data, Everywhere

Every organisation collects data, and arguably it is one of the most valuable assets you hold. Data can be used to inform you about how your business is performing or what issues could be arising and provide you with advance warning of impending problems.

Your customer data is also so important. How often do your properly market to your existing customer base, and are they aware of other services you provide?

Data can be used to provide reporting to suppliers, and insurers or provide your team with the information to properly deal with cases or alert them to issues. Despite the value of the data, many businesses simply overlook how it can be used as often data is held in different locations, possibly in different formats, and often data cannot be analysed properly because it requires cleansing, or it could be that you simply do not know how to access the information.

However, holding data also has its own risks. Is the data held securely to prevent unauthorised access? It is also important to comply with GDPR and ensure that data no longer being used is properly removed or obfuscated to ensure that it is non-identifiable.



Next Generation Legal Practice Management Software

PracticeEvolve understand the path to perfection is a constantly evolving journey.

Mid-tier firms require technology that will remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment. It’s why PracticeEvolve, incorporating Linetime and SOS, are providing progressive, reliable Practice Management Software with a clear pathway to the Cloud. We take responsibility to innovate across products, services and support for you and your future because legal business management matters.

It’s not just about the software either. As the world around us continues to adapt, businesses are always looking for ways to reduce the costs of physical servers with Cloud solutions. Our technology roadmap provides firms with a clear Pathway to the Cloud strategy, enabling you to take advantage of Cloud hosting as the first step towards a native, browser-based cloud solution.

PracticeEvolve works for the future of our clients by committing to an ongoing level of service that includes dedicated resources and regular training. Everything we do is designed to ensure you are always maximising your return on investment.

“By being reliable, responsible and reputable, we will recognise our vision to be the most respected legal technology provider by constantly exceeding expectations globally.

For more information about PracticeEvolve and exclusive offers for TSP members, you can call us on 020 3911 9710 or email us at



Partnership Announcement

EzeScan announces its new partnership with NetDocuments, a leading cloud content management platform where legal professionals do work.

This new partnership will enable firms to develop a seamless integration and improve their operational efficiencies with EzeScan’s automated intelligent document capture solution for NetDocuments.

Staying competitive and profitable in the legal space means being able to retrieve and action critical information in a timely manner. The integration means law firms can transform time-consuming manual business processes into highly automated digital workflows from the moment information enters the business.

Whether scanning incoming mailroom correspondence, back scanning existing client files, or registering documents, EzeScan focuses on reducing the repetitive administrative tasks associated with registering documents so legal professionals can focus on providing their clients with the best legal advice possible.

Kevin Blackley, International Business Development Manager for EzeScan said we are pleased to be able to partner with NetDocuments to provide the legal profession with a solution that will help their digital work process and improve efficiencies.

“With intelligent capture capabilities, EzeScan delivers the fastest method available to capture and register both hard copy and digital-born documents directly into NetDocuments,” said Mr Blackley.

Reza Parsia, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at NetDocuments said: “We are excited to add EzeScan to our ISV partner ecosystem and provide our customers with additional opportunities to add value to their NetDocuments platform. EzeScan does a phenomenal job automating workflows and their focus on operational efficiencyis to be commended, especially in an increasingly remote and digital-first environment.”

With EzeScan’s intelligent capture capabilities, document batches are correctly named, distributed, filed and uploaded to the correct matter workspace in NetDocuments. EzeScan provides ad-hoc scanning, image enhancement, data capture, validation, and upload automation, all designed to limit the amount of user intervention and help ingest the information faster.

EzeScan’s web browser interface enables staff to QA, validate and register their documents from their computer or mobile device, anytime, anywhere. By simply capturing one piece of information (e.g. Matter ID), information using EzeScan’s NetDocuments integration will upload the document with the client and matter number directly into the correct workspace.

Click here for more information about this new integration.

For more information about Ezescan, including exclusive offers for TSP members, you can call us on 020 3911 9710, or you can email us at



Charlotte Butterfield and Francine Davies have an impressive combination of 40+ years’ experience. They have finessed their vast wealth of knowledge, skill and know how into achieving something unique. Simplicity is their approach: They put people first.

It is immediately apparent that Charlotte and Francine have strong ethics, values and a genuine passion about what they do. They both really care about their clients and candidates. With unrivalled experience, they consistently deliver the best talent for the role.

They aim to make a difference and be different.

Butterfield Davies are invested in the future by building a progressive, diverse, inclusive and fairer work community.

Unlike other recruiters, Butterfield Davies continue to support and develop the successful candidate with coaching and mentoring. By investing in their relationships, they will help you deliver tangible results for your organisation using your best asset – your employees.

From one day to one week, to one month, to long term – they can help you find the perfect fit.

It’s not just recruitment, it’s partnership and consultancy. For the long term.

The word authentic is overused, but, put plainly, that is what Butterfield Davies are. They put people first. It is that simple.

“We are invested in the future of the legal industry by building a progressive, diverse, inclusive and fairer legal community.”

For more information, please contact :

Charlotte Butterfield on or mobile:07435 858668

Francine Davies on or mobile: 07825 101012.

You can also find out more information by clicking on the link below:




Comms Consult has been providing Telecom solutions to the Legal sector for over 20 years, so they have the knowledge to always deliver the right solution first time, every time.

We adopt a consultative approach to any potential new customer so that we fully understand each and every aspect of their requirements before we recommend which telephone system would be the right fit. Whether it be an on-premise Mitel solution or a Gamma Horizon hosted phone system.

Our key services include:

•ISDN lines

•SIP Trunks

•Fibre Broadband

•Leased lines

•Free calls to UK landlines & mobiles

•In depth call reporting & analytics

•Full call recording

•Business Mobiles

•Dialler solutions (on-premise or hosted)Inbound contact centre functionality

•Social media interaction

“We only ever suggest the most beneficial solution that works for your budget. Our commitment to you goes beyond the managed provision of your communication package and we pride ourselves on our extensive after-sales care and support.”

For more information about Comms Consult, including exclusive offers for TSP members, you can call us on 020 3911 9710 or you can email us at



Collards are a general practice accounting firm covering a large range of services. At Collards, we have a close working relationship with our clients, which enables us to better understand their financial affairs.

Our unique approach ensures clients have a close working relationship with our partners and qualified staff members. We ensure that our clients can comply with all statutory regulations and advise on tax and business planning.

We cover a wide range of business and other activities, including manufacturers, media, retailers, wholesalers, solicitors, publishers, IT solution providers, sports clubs, charities, television personalities and designers. From large companies to small sole traders, we are able to encompass and deliver to a vast range of clients.

“Our expertise encompasses the requirements of small to medium sized businesses and the audit of major companies, together with personal and corporate tax planning and advice.”

For more information about Collards Chartered Accountants, including exclusive offers for TSP members, you can call us on 020 3911 9710 or you can email us at



11 Little Films are experts at creating professionally crafted video content.

Whether you are seeking a corporate video, showreel or product demonstration through the use of video, 11 Little Films have the creativity and expertise to meet your requirements.

With expertise across a range of sectors, including professional services, 11 Little Films are able to understand and interpret your needs to ensure you receive a perfectly presented video for the intended target audience that will gain the expected level of engagement.

Visit their website or view their showreel

Bespoke Music

11 little films have full songwriting and recording facilities. They are able to create bespoke musical scores in any style for your videos. They can even make cover versions of existing songs to avoid high licensing costs.

For more information about 11 Little Films, including exclusive offers for TSP members, you can call us on 020 3911 9710 or you can email us at



The Strategic Partner provides essential support to law firms. We offer a range of services and consultancy tailored to the Legal sector. We have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the overall management of law firms and work with them to achieve profitability, stability, and efficiency. Our goal is to become a valued and respected partner to our member law firms providing high-quality services and solutions at all times.

For more information about The Strategic Partner, you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at


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