Compliance activities make onboarding new clients slow and expensive. Fraud is a constant threat, and the SRA continue to ramp up pressure on firms. Whilst lengthy processes are put in place, relying on paper-based methods allows fraud to keep slipping through.

Compliance Sanctuary

Mirror is revolutionising compliance by giving you a simple, all-in-one system for KYC and AML. We verify your client’s identity and address at source, with biometric identity verification, document validation, and AML checks.

Mirror saves costs for your firm, since fee earners no longer need to manually request, nor check, documents from clients; and we make onboarding a pleasant experience, since it takes your clients under five minutes to complete basic CDD on our mobile app.

We understand that part of compliance is making sure your processes stand up to regulatory scrutiny and audit, so we also provide a full automated audit trail of all verifications, exceeding current UK regulatory requirements (we’ve been independently reviewed as ‘superior’ to traditional methods of verification). You can find out more about our compliance solution here.

Mirror Compliance

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