PracticeEvolve understand the path to perfection is a constantly evolving journey.


Mid-tier firms require technology that will remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment. It’s why PracticeEvolve, incorporating Linetime and SOS, are providing progressive, reliable Practice Management Software with a clear pathway to the Cloud. We take responsibility to innovate across products, services and support for you and your future because legal business management matters.


It’s not just about the software either. As the world around us continues to adapt, businesses are always looking for ways to reduce the costs of physical servers with Cloud solutions. Our technology roadmap provides firms with a clear Pathway to the Cloud strategy, enabling you to take advantage of Cloud hosting as a first step towards a native, browser based cloud solution.


PracticeEvolve work for the future of our clients by committing to an ongoing level of service that includes dedicated resource and regular training. Everything we do is designed to ensure you are always maximising your return on investment.


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