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Remote Work and It’s Lasting Impact on Information and Records Capture
April 4, 2022


The impact of COVID has left many organisations working from home for the foreseeable future. Getting users to be records-compliant is difficult enough at the best of times, but working remotely adds even more challenges with maintaining daily records of transactions including new documents, file notes, records of phone conversations and phone meetings.

Many remote workers are being asked to use their own devices without access to the corporate networks, software or to their EDRMS. Transferring work files has become an issue, and many are returning to sharing files with colleagues through email, Dropbox and even physical USB drives.

Government agencies and businesses alike are grappling with the records management challenges of the remote work era and for them, capturing email records is critical. This can be a challenge when system integrations in the workplace are not always possible on home devices and there is no email capture client software available.

The record-keeping obligation isn’t going away. Now, while there may be a technology dream that records will be automatically captured without anybody having to do anything, this isn’t coming to fruition any time soon.

The problem for many organisations is that record-keeping outside of the records area is not high on the priority list and people generally name their documents with ill-conceived names and file them where they can’t be found.



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