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Rubix Software provides a complete and integrated service for their clients. From IT support and Web Design and Build, to licensed Software and Case Management. Rubix Software has the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the very best from your systems.

With a combined experience of over 60 years in the Legal sector, our team understand how technology can assist with increasing productivity whilst improving customer service and reducing risk.

Whether it is analysing data to help you understand more about your business, bringing together isolated data into a common area for analysis, cleansing data, creating data warehousing, complying with GDPR to ensure data is deleted, we can help. Please remember we are not a bunch of hard-nosed salespeople but friendly and extremely knowledgeable IT Geeks who have worked in this sector for over 20 years, so don’t expect the hard sell but plain and honest advice.

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For more information about Rubix Software, you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at

Special offer for members of The Strategic Partners from Rubix Software.

2 hours of free data analysis ensuring you get the most from your data and if additional work is required then a 20% discount on our current rates.

What you get 

Up to 1 hour of discussion with you about your data, where it is stored and what you ideally want to do with the data followed by 1 hour of data analysis to determine how the data is best optimised to be reported upon or to comply with GDPR.

A report provided to you showing you how you can get the best from your data and if applicable, a no-obligation quote where further work is needed.

Data, Data, Everywhere

Every organisation collects data and arguably it is one of the most valuable assets you hold. Data can be used to inform you about how your business is performing or what issues could be arising and provide you with advance warning of impending problems.

Your customer data is also so important. How often do your properly market to your existing customer base and are they aware of other services you provide?

Data can be used to provide reporting to suppliers, insurers or provide your team with the information to properly deal with cases or alert them to issues. Despite the value of the data, many businesses simply overlook how it can be used, as data is commonly held in different locations, possibly in different formats. Often data also cannot be analysed properly because it requires cleansing, or perhaps because you simply do not know how to access the information.

However, holding data also has its own risks. Is the data held securely to prevent unauthorised access? It is also important to comply with GDPR and ensure that data no longer being used is properly removed or obfuscated to ensure that is non-identifiable.


For more information about our Rubix Software, you can call us on 02078421830 or you can email us at Download our Law Firm Detailed Strategic Review brochure here for more information.


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