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Simplifying record keeping with a decentralised capture solution
March 1, 2022

Before delving into the solutions its key to understand what decentralised record capture is. Decentralised records capture is the registration of records at the source, as information assets are generated or enter the business by individuals or teams during the normal course of business. Unlike centralised records capture, where the records are gathered (sometime later) to be registered by records professionals.

By its very nature, decentralisation capture has its issues — it almost always leads to inconsistency from one person/department to the next, and makes it extremely difficult to reuse, track, action and share content effectively across the organisation.

The core reason that most organisations introduce a digital capture process to their business is not just to improve record keeping. They see many tangible benefits outside improved governance, compliance and risk mitigation such as high-speed information capture, faster distribution, better search, improved analytics and more importantly adding value to the business.

This thinking was behind Outback Imaging, the home of EzeScan, developing a range of Web Applications designed to take the hard work out of decentralised capture of both hard copy and digital born information.

Read the full article from EzeScan here. 

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