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At The Strategic Partner due to our interaction with law firms and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, we work with and for firms to ensure they are up to date with the information shared and provided with the SRA, including the completion of necessary applications.

As a firm and its personnel changes, the firm may (and probably will) need to update the Solicitors Regulation Authority and often there is an application that needs to be completed and sent.

These applications are not always straightforward and will sometimes lead to multiple applications and the provision of supporting documentation. Some changes may also have wider implications such as impact on Insurance.

Through consulting with The Strategic Partner we will guide you on the action to take, which application form is correct and where necessary, work with you to complete and file the application form along with supporting documentation.

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To discuss how we can assist you with any engagement you may have with the SRA or to manage your firm’s authorisation including completion of applications, you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at You can also view our Risk, Compliance and Regulation including AML service brochure by clicking the link below.

SRA Applications – The Detail

As a firm and its people change there is also the need to ensure the SRA are kept up to date with such changes to ensure the firm remains compliant. It is essential to inform the SRA promptly of changes to a firm and the process will often involve the completion of various forms and the provision of information for a firm’s authorisation to be updated.

The process for completing and engaging with the SRA can be time-consuming and if a firm has limited time and needs to focus on other elements, such as servicing clients or managing the firm generally, The Strategic Partner can assist and provide the additional resource a firm needs to complete the necessary processes to update the firm’s authorisation.

Our application services include applications for both firms and individuals as follows: –

  • Changes to the Compliance Officers
    • COLP
    • COFA
    • MLRO
    • Training
    • Managers
    • Owner
  • Change of legal entity
  • Admission to the Roll
  • FCA Applications
  • Registration of a registered European lawyer
  • Registration of a registered foreign lawyer
  • Application for approval of employment
  • Notification of a merger or acquisition
  • Notification of a firm’s closure

At The Strategic Partner, we will understand your firm’s requirements, ensure the correct application is made with the appropriate information provided to the SRA to ensure the necessary change or update is processed effectively.

Our team of compliance managers are aware of the action to take and will guide you on the appropriate action to take or will take the action on your behalf.


For more information about our SRA Applications Services, you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at

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