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SRA Warning Urges Firms To Address Client Account Shortages Immediately
June 25, 2024

A recent warning notice from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) reminds firms of the critical need to promptly rectify any shortages in client accounts as soon as they are discovered.

Client account shortages can arise for a number of reasons, including administrative errors, cyber-attacks, or, in rare cases, employee dishonesty. Regardless of the cause, firms are reminded of their regulatory obligations to replace any missing funds immediately to safeguard client interests.

The new warning notice from the SRA highlights the potential risks to both solicitors and clients if shortages are not addressed quickly. Clients looking to deposit money into already deficient accounts must be fully informed of the situation to avoid further complications.

Furthermore, the regulator has emphasised its expectation for firms to ‘make good’ on any deficit or losses from a client account, including cases where this has resulted from Cybercrime and not just due to technical or human error.

Paul Philip, SRA Chief Executive, reinforced the vital importance of this directive, saying:

“Caselaw is very clear that the client account is sacrosanct. However, firms do report shortages on the client account for a variety of reasons.

“Our rules are also very clear – you must make good on any deficit promptly. A shortage on the client account presents a risk to all clients for whom you hold money.

“Ultimately, solicitors have a trusted position when they hold client money, and it is in the best interests of every solicitor to maintain that trust.”

The warning notice also advises firms to establish clear processes for regularly verifying client account balances and to be mindful of other obligations, such as notifying insurers if discrepancies are found.

For further information, read the full article here: Client Account Shortage.

Read the full warning notice here: Client Account Shortage Warning Notice.

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