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The Importance of Choosing Suitable Print Management and Scanning Solutions for Law Firms
September 18, 2023

A high reliance on physical documents means that a law firm’s printing processes must be as streamlined as possible. A secure, time and cost-saving solution, with no faff… we can implement that!

Due to legal work involving extensive documentation and record-keeping, we know that law firms engage in considerable printing and have a very high value placed on physical documentation for authenticity, evidence and client confidentiality therefore, the need for secure and reliable printing is extremely important. But we also know, like all businesses saving time and cutting costs is a great bonus.

Let’s focus on some key features of a print management & scanning solution and how it would help.


1 – Automatic scanning to case-specific folders

By using a document workflow product, you gain access to an effective way to organise and manage individual legal cases. It works by simply scanning a document, that document being read by your document workflow solution, and then automatically making its way to the relevant folder (specific to that Client Matter Number).

Eliminating the need to move documentation manually means that there is a reduced risk of user errors, and it also speeds up the process of collating documents into specific folders. It also makes for easy retrieval as all relevant information is in an easy-to-find place, therefore, when communicating with clients, it is easy to access their documents quickly.

Documents scanned directly into the case management system contain timestamps and details about where they originated from, therefore there is the added benefit of an audit trail of the document if it is ever needed.


2 – Client Billing

As most law firms use billing customers for prints, having print management software can quickly tell you how many prints a specific case/customer has used. Therefore, it is easy to bill them for all the documentation that has been printed on their behalf.


3 – Authentication for printing

As law firms handle lots of sensitive information, we know it is crucial to protect this information as much as possible. Therefore, using a print management solution with print release prevents documents from being left unattended and the confidential information being accessed.

This works by you hitting send from your device (either laptop, mobile, desktop or tablet), The document will make its way to the printer. However it will not be printed until you go to the machine and authenticate yourself, then release the documents. This is typically via scanning a card/fob or inputting a specific number or password.


4 – Cost control and environmental impact

Having access to print management software means that printing throughout the business can be closely monitored, resulting in having a better understanding of who is printing, where they are printing from and why they are printing. This not only helps law firms know that employees are printing efficiently, it also positively impacts a business’s environmental impact. Streamlining your business printing to ensure that only necessary files are being printed and having print release to ensure that no documents are printed without needing them, ultimately means that a business will save costs and reduce paper usage.

We know that reducing print volumes isn’t enough in terms of a business’s carbon footprint. Therefore, our solution means that law firms can also benefit from planting trees to offset their print volumes, typically over a 3- or 5-year term. Allowing for guilt-free printing that has a direct and positive impact on climate control. Don’t worry… we won’t be asking you to do the planting, we’ll handle that part!


5 – Remote printing

We all know that the working world has changed, with many people working from various locations. Print management software means your employees can send a document or file to the printer from wherever they are. They can then again be assured that no one will see any confidential documentation as it will only be the individual who hits print that can release and collect the printouts.


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