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Our team at The Strategic Partner, Middlesbrough, offer you a wide range of specialist services. This means we have expert knowledge regarding the local legal community ranging. We specialise in working with law firms to improve efficiency and profitability, alongside risk and compliance.

We have developed a range of services and solutions, all aimed at bringing efficiency and enhanced profitability to law firms. In addition, we work with industry-leading businesses that provide services to the legal sector.

The Strategic Partner works with law firms to help them evolve and respond effectively to their firm and the broader legal market’s challenges. We bring knowledge, information and services that provide true value, and our solutions fit all the firms we work with.

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For more information about our services, you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at You can also download our Membership brochure by clicking on the link below.

Middlesbrough Office

Cleveland Business Centre,
Oak Street,

Tel: 0203 911 9710

Why work with The Strategic Partner, Middlesbrough?

We believe the law firms we work with will be the judge of the level of our expertise. We are driven by our work with law firms who wish to maintain or improve their strategy, enabling them to service their clients and enhance profitability effectively with sufficient processes and management.

We work with firms at multiple levels, from being fully submersed into their strategy and management to individual projects. We adapt to the needs of each firm we work with, delivering valued support as they need it.

Our services include:

Through our services, we provide firms with solutions to bring true value and benefit. For more information on what we do, visit our consultancy and law firm support pages.


What outsourcing with The Strategic Partner, Middlesbrough offers you

We provide a range of services tailored to legal firms. Each of our services has been designed and developed to add true value to each law firm we work with.

  • Cost-effective solutions and a reduction in expenditure as a firm will only outsource what they need to, which is often cheaper than employing resources.
  • Additional resources only when a firm needs them, so you only pay for the resources you need.
  • Additional expertise that is required to manage the firm or deliver services.
  • Ability to get projects finished when short term resources are required.
  • Focus on a particular task or project as the outsourcer will have one goal, which is to deliver the requirements of the outsourced arrangement without distraction.

By working with our partners, you can rest assured that they will understand the inevitable challenges law firms face and provide you with the relevant services and solutions.

For more information on these services, please visit our Partners Page.



For more information about how we can work with your firm, you can contact our Northern Office, Middlesbrough on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at

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