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Training Courses

To assist firms with their challenge of training, The Strategic Partner has developed a range of training courses which we ensure are kept relevant and fresh at all times. Our training is focussed on core and trending topics for law firms and can be delivered to firms and their staff on both a 1-2-1 or Group basis.

We pride ourselves on ensuring each training course we deliver is bespoke to the firm and the audience and importantly we deliver ALL training live enabling the delegates to ask questions and clarify understanding. We do not offer pre-recorded webinars as we believe that training should be interactive and add value and not just convenient.

Law Firm Compliance

Training Courses for Law Firms

Our training courses have been developed to provide firms with relevant training for all levels of staff and partners. Most of our courses have a basic level which provides sufficient details to gain a good understanding of the issues being addressed and a more detailed course which gives additional insight to enable decision making around a topic or issues.

We will provide training on a date and time to suit your firm and can deliver training from 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings between 9am and 1pm.

All our current training courses we deliver to law firms are listed below. To find out more information or to book a training course, please click on the links below or you can call us on 0203 911 9710email us at info@thestrategicpartner.co.uk or make an online enquiry.

COLP Training

A detailed course prepared for the Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP).

COFA Training

A detailed course prepared for the Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA’s).

Anti Money Laundering Regulations - The Basics

The basics – this course is prepared for all staff within a firm. 

Anti Money Laundering Regulations - The Detail

A detailed course for fee earning staff, Supervisors and other staff involved in the AML process. 

MLCO and MLRO Training

A detailed course prepared for Money Laundering Compliance and Reporting Officers.

The SRA and Law Firms

Aimed at senior staff within a law firm and the compliance officers, we provide an opportunity to understand the approach of the SRA and the action you can take now to comply with requirements.

The SRA Standards and Regulation

Aimed at all staff, this is a course that is essential for the Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP’s) to ensure training is delivered to their staff.

Effective Risk and Regulation Management

This course is specifically aimed at risk and compliance managers and supervisors who have this as part of their role.

Law Firm Marketing & Advertising Masterclass

A course designed for those in a law firm that are involved in or tasked with promoting the firm and managing its marketing and advertising strategy.

Leadership and Management

This course is aimed at law firm Owners, Managers and Supervisors. It delivers a detailed insight into the various techniques for leading the firm and managing staff.

The Perfect Law Firm

A course aimed at law firm owners and its managers, giving a detailed analysis of elements that a law firm should or must consider to build and sustain a strong firm that has direction and focus.

Technology in the Legal Sector

This course delivers those interested in technology in the legal sector with an overview of what is currently available and discusses the approach to take.

Law Firm Strategy and Planning

A course aimed at law firm managers and owners that discuss, in detail, how to create a strategy for the law firm.

Change Management

Change management is a skill that can be learned. In this course we will assist owners and managers in law firms in understanding the required and critical steps to effect change and do so successfully.

Remote Working Management

In this course, we provide business owners, managers, and supervisors with a detailed insight into the requirements to deliver a successful remote management programme for their staff.

Performance Management

This course is aimed at anyone in a law firm who is responsible for management of staff. The course will go through, in detail, the essential elements to building an effective performance management programme for all levels of staff.

Mergers & Acquisition

M&A in a law firm can be complex. From the decision to move into the M&A market from the identification of potential firms to merge with, buy or acquire.

Mentoring Training

Our mentoring service is completely bespoke and designed uniquely for each law firm or individual that engages with us. We will understand the focus for the mentoring programme and design a plan that delivers on the expectation and needs of the firm or the individuals.

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