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To assist firms with their challenge of training, The Strategic Partner has developed a range of training courses which we ensure are kept relevant and fresh at all times. Our training is focussed on core and trending topics for law firms and can be delivered to firms and their staff on both a 1-2-1 or Group basis.

We pride ourselves on ensuring each training course we deliver is bespoke to the firm and the audience and importantly we deliver ALL training live enabling the delegates to ask questions and clarify understanding. We do not offer pre-recorded webinars as we believe that training should be interactive and add value and not just convenient.

Our training courses have been developed to provide firms with relevant training for all levels of staff and partners. Most of our courses have a basic level which provides sufficient details to gain a good understanding of the issues being addressed and a more detailed course which gives additional insight to enable decision making around a topic or issues.

We will provide training on a date and time to suit your firm and can deliver training from 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings between 9am and 1pm.

All our current training courses we deliver to law firms are listed below. To find out more information or to book a training course, please click on the links below or you can call us on 0203 911 9710, email us at or make an online enquiry.

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COLP Training

A detailed course prepared for the Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP).

Whether you are new to the role or an existing COLP who wants a detailed understanding of the requirements of the role and how to protect yourself and your firm this course delivers a detailed insight into your personal requirements.

The course is designed to consider and discuss all the  aspects you must implement to fulfil your duties and responsibilities as a COLP. 

Course Length: 3-4 Hours

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COFA Training

A detailed course prepared for the Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA’s), whether you are new to the role or an existing COFA, this course sets out what you must do to perform in the role of the COFA, protecting your firm, yourself and your clients. We will analyse the elements of the role that are essential and ensure you understand what your requirements are and the systems and controls you need to implement to perform your role when considering the SRA Accounts Rules and other financial controls.

Course Length: 3-4 Hours

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Anti Money Laundering Regulations – The Basics

The basics – this course is prepared for all staff within a firm. It will provide an overview of the Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules, establishing the core features and requirements for the firm and its staff. 

This course will provide sufficient information for all to understand what their role should be in preventing Money Laundering and Fraud, and should be used as part of your firm’s annual AML training to meet your regulatory requirements.

Course Length: 1-2 Hours

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Anti Money Laundering Regulations – The Detail

A detailed course for fee earning staff, Supervisors and other staff involved in the AML process. This course goes into the detail on the AML regulations and highlights the requirements of a firm and its staff to protect themselves and the firm and when and how they need to take action. We will discuss the implication of non-compliance and the actions to take when the firm faces potential or actual money laundering issues. We will also discuss auditing requirements and supervising the firm generally from an AML perspective. This course is further designed to allow an attendee to deliver the basics course (see above).

Course Length: 3-4 Hours

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MLCO and MLRO Training 

A detailed course prepared for Money Laundering Compliance and Reporting Officers.

With these roles being critical for the protection of the firm and failure to comply leading to serious sanctions which could include criminal prosecution, the MLRO and MLCO must be aware of their obligations and those of their staff. We will discuss and demonstrate the activity you must take, the detailed reasons why and help to implement a robust process within the firm that provides full but proportionate protection.

Course Length: 3-4 Hours

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The SRA and Law Firms

This course is aimed at senior staff within a law firm and the compliance officers. It is an opportunity to understand the approach of the SRA (from the front line) and the action you can take now to comply with requirements and be prepared for an enquiry.

With the SRA undertaking more desk top enquiries before an investigation it is essential for firms to be prepared. This course delivers the required understanding and enables firms to prepare through the implementation of their requirements.

Course Length: 3-4 Hours

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The SRA Standards and Regulation

Aimed at all staff, this is a course that is essential for the Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP’s) to ensure training is delivered to their staff. It sets out clearly what they must do and are required to do to protect themselves, the firm and the COLP. 

The COLP is required to ensure the staff of the firm understand the codes of conduct and how to comply, this course meets those requirements and following the course, there will be a level of knowledge in the firm that meets the requirements of the SRA.

Course Length: 2 Hours

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Effective Risk and Regulation Management

This course is specifically aimed at risk and compliance managers and supervisors who have this as part of their role. It is a detailed and practical review of the requirements of risk managers and sets out the actions, task, process and procedures that must be implemented to maintain and control an effective law firm that Professional Indemnity Insurers and regulators will respect. If your firm is seeking to enhance its risk management techniques or is looking to assess and update its approach this course delivers invaluable insight gained from front line knowledge of the industry, the regulator and insurers.

Course Length with Practical Elements: 2 Hours

Course Length without Practical Elements: 5 Hours

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Law Firm Marketing and Advertising Master Class

A course designed for those in a law firm that are involved in or tasked with promoting the firm and managing its marketing and advertising strategy.

This is a masterclass that covers all aspects of law firm marketing management including both online and traditional marketing techniques, the tools available, how to build a successful campaign and budgetary requirements.

This is a course delivered by marketing experts who understand the legal industry and can assist firms to review or launch a marketing campaign for their firm on a local or national level that will work.

Course Length: 3-4 Hours

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Leadership and Management

This course is aimed at law firm Owners, Managers and Supervisors. It delivers a detailed insight into the various techniques for leading the firm and managing staff.

This course covers all core components of successful management which includes, communication, decision making, target and objective setting and performance management. This course delivers the senior staff in the firm with a clear understanding of the requirement of a successful manager for them to review and implement the information and knowledge learned.

Course Length with Practical Elements: 7 Hours

Course Length without Practical Elements: 3-4 Hours

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The Perfect Law Firm

A course aimed at law firm owners and its managers, giving a detailed analysis of elements that a law firm should or must consider to build and sustain a strong firm that has direction and focus.

The course covers a range of topics from structure through to performance management. The aim of the course is to deliver a thought-provoking debate and exploration of the firms current position to identify areas of focus to improve and strengthen the firm for the future.

Course Length with Practical Elements: 7 Hours

Course Length without Practical Elements: 3-4 Hours

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Technology in the Legal Sector

This course delivers those interested in technology in the legal sector with an overview of what is currently available and discusses the approach to take, from introduction of tech and when, and how to establish a successful implementation and post implementation programme.

We will discuss and explore the current tech in the market and where this will benefit your firm or not. The focus of the course is to enable an understanding and identification of technology, to explore fit and the approach.

Course Length with Practical Elements: 5 Hours

Course Length without Practical Elements: 2-3 Hours

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Law Firm Strategy and Planning

A course aimed at law firm managers and owners that discuss, in detail, how to create a strategy for the law firm and bring this into a sensible, proportioned and achievable plan and strategy that takes the firm forward to achieve its goals. We will explore the approach to effective planning, gaining support from the business and both the financial and operations considerations that are essential for successful plan delivery. We will also build and discuss a financial forecast to support the practical elements of the plan.

Course Length with Practical Elements: 5-7 Hours

Course Length without Practical Elements: 3-4 Hours

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Change Management

Change management is a skill that can be learned. In this course we will assist owners and managers in law firms in understanding the required and critical steps to effect change and do so successfully. We will cover all of the key elements that are required to deliver change into a law firm to ensure that all stakeholders consider all facets of change management, including decision making, decision tasking, communication, involvement, delivery, and post implementation. This should be considered an essential part of a successful change management programme.

Course Length with Practical Elements: 5 Hours

Course Length without Practical Elements: 2-3 Hours

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Remote Working Management

In this course we provide business owners, managers, and supervisors with a detailed insight into the requirements to deliver a successful remote management programme allowing staff to work on a more permanent basis. We will go through the requirement for managing staff remotely considering the regulatory elements including supervision, SRA requirements and health and safety, alongside general practical considerations. By the conclusion of this course the delegates will be able to design a successful remote management strategy.

Course Length with Practical Elements: 5 Hours

Course Length without Practical Elements: 2-3 Hours

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Performance Management

This course is aimed at anyone in a law firm who is responsible for management of staff. The course will go through, in detail, the essential elements to building an effective performance management programme for all levels of staff.

In this course we will discuss the approach to performance reviews and assist with the design of a bespoke performance review platform that will work for the firm, its staff and managers.

Course Length with Practical Elements: 5 Hours

Course Length without Practical Elements: 2-3 Hours

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Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A in a law firm can be complex. From the decision to move into the M&A market from the identification of potential firms to merge with, buy or acquire. There are a host of considerations which cover a range of areas, including regulatory, financial, operational, systems, clients and people. Each of these will be explored in detail and the firm will, by conclusion be able to build a successful M&A strategy that ensures time is not wasted in engagement that will not work but focussed on successful M&A management from engagement to integration.

Course Length with Practical Elements: 5 Hours

Course Length without Practical Elements: 2-3 Hours 

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Mentoring Training

Our mentoring service is completely bespoke and designed uniquely for each law firm or individual that engages with us. We will understand the focus for the mentoring programme and design a plan that delivers on the expectation and needs of the firm or the individuals.

Our mentoring programmes includes various training and guidance to suit your requirements, that are a range of short 1-hour sessions through to half-day or full-day training. They are interactive sessions that enable delegates to ask questions and raise issues to aid their understanding.

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