Working within the legal sector involves having a keen eye for detail, being able to spot a loophole in a contract, remembering a statute or legal precedent, checking that every ‘I’ is dotted and every ‘T’ is crossed. Not paying attention to detail can be costly; whether that is a cost to a client or a cost in lost reputation, missing something vital can result in negative consequences.

The same can be said for the IT sector. A good Managed Service Provider must ensure that every part of their client’s IT infrastructure is working as it should, proactively checking for threats or potential problems. Again, it’s all about having a high level of expertise and a good eye for detail.

And so, by that measure, having excellent IT support can make a seriously positive impact on a law firm, but having the wrong support in place can turn clients off. Imagine working hard to build up the reputation of your law practice, only to have all that work damaged by a poorly maintained and supported IT system.

Here are just some of the ways that inadequate IT support can negatively impact your law firm:

Increased downtime

Law firms are increasingly reliant on IT; whether it is just for sending emails or is integral to managing staff caseloads and transactions, it’s difficult to imagine any practice in the 21st Century without computers. So, when your system stops working, it will undoubtedly mean that you won’t be able to efficiently service your clients’ needs.

IT Support that is slow and unresponsive can worsen the situation leaving you and your clients feeling out of the loop.

However, a good IT service provider will perform daily backups, checking that your patches and software are up-to-date, and you have the proper cybersecurity measures in place. Doing this reduces the likelihood of downtime and ensures that, should the worst happen, you won’t be out of the loop for long.

Bad Service = Unhappy Clients

Any issue that makes it difficult for your clients to access your services will leave them unhappy. There’s nothing more unprofessional than a software crash, computer breakdown, or lagging Wi-Fi causing delays on something that has a time-sensitive deadline, and it can result in clients being left out of pocket. In a world where competitors are easily found online, you don’t want to send clients running to their door.

A good IT support service will allow you to feel confident that you have an internet connection you and your team can rely on, system monitoring that is proactive and forward-thinking, and daily back-ups. Reduced downtime means satisfied clients, increasing profitability and efficiency, and ultimately your reputation.

Increased risk of security breaches

Outdated software and hardware can leave a law firm with cyber security measures in place that aren’t fit for purpose. While it may seem financially attractive to run out-of-date systems, it can leave you open to a potentially costly cyber breach. We aren’t just talking about ICO fines for GDPR breaches; we’re also talking about a loss of earnings, reputation, and billable hours.

Being proactive is far better than being reactive; no one ever did well from shutting the door after the horse had bolted. So, a good IT support provider will ensure that all your software and hardware is up to date, that patches are installed, and potential gaps in your cybersecurity are closed.

We firmly believe that good IT support should be at the top of every law firm’s wish list and is an excellent investment for any firm that wants to grow.

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