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Why Law Firms should consider outsourcing their IT

For law firms and solicitors, outsourcing your IT to a Managed Service Provider can provide multiple benefits. In an industry that relies on reputation and reliability, having a reputable IT Service Provider by your side can save significant amounts of time and money, whilst still ensuring that your IT systems are compliant with the Solicitors Regulation Authority code of conduct and recommendations.

LP Networks have a team of highly experienced IT experts who have received the latest training on cybersecurity threats and software updates. This means that instead of relying on your own IT team or staff members to ensure that sensitive case information is protected from potential breaches, you can have a cost-effective managed service provider that holds a number of industry certifications do it instead.

Additionally, as a Microsoft Silver Partner, LP Networks can provide Microsoft 365 tailored bundles that not only include software that means that your staff can access their documents from any safety device, but also provides the additional security of a data backup three times a day. So, should the worst happen and you suffer from an IT Incident, be it a natural disaster, user errors, or a security breach, your legal firm can feel safe that you can still service your clients. Combined with our endpoint security solutions, your legal team can feel comfortable using their own devices for work.

Using LP Networks as your Managed Service Provider provides you with a professional, ethical, and cost-effective IT solution that can provide you and your team with the peace of mind to work on case documents wherever they feel safe. After all, our reputation is built on protecting our clients’ reputations.

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